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Jealous Much: Kylie Jenner Shares Stormi’s Massive Shoe Collection


Jealous Much: Kylie Jenner Shares Stormi’s Massive Shoe Collection

She may not be sharing pictures of her baby girl, but Kylie Jenner did share a video of Stormi’s major shoe collection!

She’s not even one yet and Kylie Jenner has already laced her baby girl up with a pretty dope shoe collection.

Kylie Jenner was more than prepared to be a mommy as she has three sisters who also have children. In her video that she shared about her pregnancy, she showcased baby Stormi’s closet before she was even born.

For a baby who was still cooking, Stormi sure did have a load of shoes which Kylie shared during the 10-minute video. Well not that she is older, her wardrobe has gotten quite the update which includes adding more shoes to her collection.

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On her Instagram story, she shares Stormi’s rows and rows of sneakers that range from vintage Jordans, Nikes and even Louie Vuitton.

Kylie makes a mention in the video to see if Stormi will actually like sneakers. She even posted a picture of a dress that was hers when she was Stormi’s age. But given that she’s not posting pictures of her baby girl, who knows if we will ever see her in it!


Kylie’s dress when she was Stormi’s age 😍 omg I need pics

A post shared by Kylie Jenner Snapchats 🦋 (@kyliesnapx) on

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Anywho, take a look at the sneaker collection below and let us know what you think!

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