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Jeffrey Epstein Autopsy Confirms Death By Hanging

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Jeffrey Epstein Autopsy Confirms Death By Hanging

Jeffrey Epstein Autopsy Confirms Death By Hanging

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There has been a lot of speculation and conspiracy theories surrounding the death of pedophile billionaire, Jeffrey Epstein, however, his autopsy results just confirmed that he died by hanging himself.

According to TMZ, the New York City Chief Medical Examiner confirmed the cause of death, shutting down the conspiracy theories that the disgraced mogul may have been murdered.

As it was initially reported, Epstein’s blood vessels in his eyes popped when his air supply was cut off after he hung himself with a sheet . He was discovered to have petechial hemorrhaging which happens when someone dies by some type of strangulation. He also had a few fractures in his neck bones.

His suicide has caused much controversy as two prison guards have been suspended and the warden was reassigned following major issues at the jail where he died, including the guards falling asleep.

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