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Jeremy Lin Claps Back At Former Nets Player Kenyon Martin After Commenting On His Dreadlocks

Jermey Lin


Jeremy Lin Claps Back At Former Nets Player Kenyon Martin After Commenting On His Dreadlocks

Former Nets Player Kenyon Martin took to Instagram to share his thoughts on Jeremy Lin’s hair, but Lin has the best clap back!

Yesterday we reported that Nets basketball player Jeremy Lin had taken to social media to talk about his new hair.

Lin who is rocking dreadlocks wrote an article called, “About My Hair” where he talked about not wanting to offend anyone

“Do I need to remind this damn boy his last name, Lin?” Martin said in his post. “Like, come on, man. Let’s stop it with these people. There is no way possible he would’ve made it on one of our teams with that bulls–t on his head. Come on man, somebody need to tell him, like, ‘alright bro, we get it. You wanna be black.’ Like, we get it. But your last name is Lin.'”


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That comment disregarding everything that Lin wrote in his blog post.

But that comment did not come without Lin sticking up for himself and coming back with one of the best clapbacks.

In this case, Lin had a few words for Martin.

“It’s all good you don’t have to like my hair and are entitled to your opinion. Actually I legit grateful you sharing it tbh,” Lin wrote on Instagram. “At the end of the day, I appreciate that I have dreads and you have Chinese tattoos bc I think its a sign of respect. And I think as minorities, the more we appreciate each other’s cultures, the more we influence mainstream society. Thanks for everything you did for the nets and hoops…had your poster up on my wall growin up.”

Jermey Lin

Humm, so does that mean that both are in the right or wrong?

Take a look at the hair and tattoo below and let us know what you think!

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Source: Bleacher Report

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