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Jim Carrey’s Legal Battle With His Ex Has Been Dismissed


Jim Carrey’s Legal Battle With His Ex Has Been Dismissed

Jim Carrey‘s long legal battle over his ex-girlfriend’s death won’t end in a courtroom, because the lawsuits filed by Jim and her family have finally been dismissed.

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As we reported Cathriona White‘s mother and estranged husband filed wrongful death suits against Carrey after she died of a drug overdose in 2015. They claimed Jim had given her STDs and her despair was part of the reason she killed herself. Carrey filed a countersuit, and accused White’s family of extort him for money. However, Carrey said White texted him in 2013 and said that she had bumps on her vagina, but he says she actually got those bumps from a bad wax job. He adds that White tried to extort him for millions of dollars when she was alive. Carrey also adds that White had herpes before they even met but she tried to pin it on him.

Now, according to court documents that were filed last week in Los Angeles, both of the lawsuits have been dismissed. They’ve been dismissed with prejudice, meaning neither side can refile. That’s commonly a sign of a financial settlement.



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