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John Cena Officially Announcing He Does Indeed Want Children



John Cena Officially Announcing He Does Indeed Want Children

Change of plans, John Cena officially says he actually does want to have children after saying otherwise. 

John Cena and Nikki Bella are officially back together after a month of being separated and calling off their May wedding. 

One of the reasons they were separated revolves around having children. However, it seems that there has been a change of heart coming specifically from Cena.

“Of course I would love to be a dad,”Cena told reporters on Sunday.

He even cleared it up some more saying, 

“By the way, that’s an about-face for me and I realize very much that I have been steadfast in saying that I don’t want children.” 

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It was very clear plenty of times from Cena that he didn’t want a baby while Bella so badly did. In the show Total Divas, the couple shared a conversation about children which resulted in Bella crying. 

During that, Cena replied,

“I even told you so many times that this would happen. I’m not sure we should go through with this.” 

Now that things are back on in their relationship and Cena says he “older” his realization for kids is all new. 

“Now I am realizing that there is life and life exists and it’s beautiful and I think part of that is being a parent, so we’ll see,” he said Sunday.

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We are defiantly anxious to see where their rekindled relationship will take them. 

Take a look at pictures of Cena and Bella together below! 

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John Cena and Nikki Bella

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