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JoJo Shares Shocking Memories Of R. Kelly Following Premiere Of Documentary

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JoJo Shares Shocking Memories Of R. Kelly Following Premiere Of Documentary

In light of the shocking docuseries “Surviving R. Kelly”, JoJo took to social media to share her personal experience with the “Pied Piper of R& B”.

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The premiere of Lifetime’s “Surviving R. Kelly” details the singer’s alleged sexual encounters with minors, his alleged sex cult, his experience with sexual abuse, and etc. The docuseries has floored many across the nation and JoJo is just the latest celebrity to weigh in. The “Leave (Get Out)” songstress took to Twitter to express how “thankful” she was for the relationship with her mother because she “could have easily fallen victim to someone like R Kelly.”

“To know that many men I’ve known throughout my career (women too, no doubt, but overwhelmingly more men) worked so closely with R. Kelly and KNEW and in some cases SAW the abuse going on + told stories about this stuff in studio sessions like it was funny and nobody came forward?”

She continued:

“seems like many continued 2make money off of him and stick around, thus condoning his disgusting predatory ways. Were they sticking around for more “ridiculous Robert Kelly stories” they could tell in private studio sessions later down the line? … the R Kelly stories I’ve heard in sessions!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!”

“Many of these stories I was hearing when I, myself, was wayyyy underage. Making my first couple albums at 12 and then 14/15. I was a HUGEEEEE R Kelly fan, came from a broken home, had daddy issues, and wondered… how did these girls get chosen? I wondered if I could/would be.”

“so so thankful 2have had my mom by my side (THANK U MOM I LOVE U MADLY) who 1- never left me alone for a second until I turned 18, 2- never let me work w R Kelly when I begged her to 3- never let me get too close to other predatory men who wanted to do who-knows-what to me.”

“Because, if I didn’t have her, I could have easily fallen victim to someone like R Kelly. Period.”

She concluded:

“I feel DEEPLY for these COURAGEOUS QUEENS who come forward and in some cases risk their lives 2share their story & let others know they’re not alone!!!! Going up against powerful people/ entities f*cking intimidating/ terrifying.”

“Thank u @lifetimetv for this important docuseries #SurvivingKelly”

“I’m sure it’s way easier SAID than DONE to come forward when you see some wild sh*t going on right in front of you… but COME THE HELL ON. When dealing w child abuse can it become a reflex!???? SH*T!”

“We must acknowledge that today, in America, the color of a person’s skin + their/ their families socio-economic standing either ensure or denies them protection. Some people’s stories are prioritized & believed over others. Some are blamed & victim-shamed.”

“There are patterns. Do you see? This is unacceptable. #SurvivingRKelly”

John Legend, Jemele Hill, Questlove, Kerry Washington, Tamar Braxton, and others have shared their thoughts via social media as well.

Socialities, what are your thoughts on the “Surviving R. Kelly” docuseries? Do you think he’s innocent or guilty? Sound off in the comment section below!

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Watch the video below for more on JoJo’s tweets:



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