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Joy Behar Admitting To Dressing As A ‘Beautiful African Woman’ For Halloween Resurfaces



Joy Behar Admitting To Dressing As A ‘Beautiful African Woman’ For Halloween Resurfaces

The View’s Joy Behar is catching heat for a resurfaced video of her saying she dressed as a “beautiful black woman” for Halloween!

What’s said in the public by celebrities tends to always….literally always come back to cause a major stir up, and Joy Behar is no exception.

On Wednesday, The Wrap media editor Jon Levine shared a 2016 clip on her Twitter reminding everyone that Joy had once said she dressed as a “beautiful black woman” for Halloween.

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“I was so cute,” Behar said.

“Joy… are you my auntie, Joy?” her then co-host Raven-Symoné joked.

Behar continues to state that the picture was taken at a Halloween party where she dressed up as a

“beautiful African woman.”

however, Joy made it a point to stress that it was her actual hair.

“Did you have tanning lotion on, Joy?” Raven-Symoné asked.

Joy explains that she was wearing a shade of makeup that was darker than her natural skin tone.

This video comes at a pivotal time in the US as various Democrats are being called out for their blackface “costumes” decades ago.

One example is Governor Ralph Northam who was pictured in a school yearbook in blackface alongside a man dressed in a KKK robe.

Following the picture of Northam being released, Democratic Virginia Attorney General Mark Herring said that he should resign due to the action. However, in s statement released earlier this week, Herring says that he also wore blackface in college.

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Take a look at the video of Joy below and let us know if her situation makes her any different.

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