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Juice WRLD’s Friends Believe He Was Racially Profiled By Cops

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Juice WRLD’s Friends Believe He Was Racially Profiled By Cops

Juice WRLD’s Friends Believe He Was Racially Profiled By Cops

As it was previously said, some reports on Juice WRLD’s death claimed federal agents had been monitoring the rapper for numerous weeks and believed he had drugs on his private jets. It was also reported that Juice swallowed a bunch of “unknown pills” to hide from the feds before he landed in Chicago and died.

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While nothing has been confirmed just yet, the rapper’s friends are speaking out to TMZ, saying they believe cops were profiling a 20-year-old rich black man who dares to fly on private jets. Sources who regularly interacted with Juice and were close to him tell the news site that they knew something was up as the feds just happened to show up at multiple airports where he and/or his private jet were searched. It was enough for them to believe this might well have something to do with race and rappers.

Law enforcement sources did share wit TMZ That Juice was arrested back in 2018 at NYC’s La Guardia Airport after the feds found “prohibited items” inside one of his checked bags. We’re told the items included a small amount of marijuana and bottles of codeine cough syrup. Juice was initially charged with misdemeanor possession of marijuana, and possession of a controlled substance, TMZ notes. However, he eventually pled to a much lesser, non-criminal offense. The case has since been sealed. Cops didn’t confirm if that was one or many reasons why they were on to the rapper.

His friends also point out that the NY bust was at the same time he signed a reported $3 million deal in 2018 with Interscope. People close to him think the sudden fame, success and money made him a target with law enforcement.

As we reported, Chicago PD now has the big stash of weed they found on his jet, but to this point, no one has been charged in connection with that seizure.

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