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The Kaepernick Effect: Are Celebrities Obligated To Speak Out On Social Issues?


The Kaepernick Effect: Are Celebrities Obligated To Speak Out On Social Issues?

‘We gone be alright!”

Remember those words from Kendrick Lamar’s powerful song from his 2014 album ‘To Pimp A Butterfly?’ It was an album that spoke volumes to the political climate black American’s were experiencing.

Just two decades before that, we were blessed with the sounds of ‘The Miseducation of Lauryn Hill’, who told us ‘you might win some, but you just lost one’ after ‘gaining the whole world for the price of your soul.’

Now, with album’s like Jay-Z’s ‘4:44, more celebrities seem to be speaking on social issues, not just through art, and possibly becoming less apologetic about it and more bold on the issues that need more awareness.

Are we seeing a ‘social revolution?’

Recently, it was reported that a violent White Supremacist rally broke out in Virginia.

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Many people seemed shocked that in 2017, people would profess ‘White lives matter’ or ‘Black lives don’t matter.’ We see under the current political climate that the latter has more truth.

Some celebrities have shared their thoughts on the recent events in Virginia and White Supremacy, including HUU’s special recurring guest host, Claudia Jordan.

“These racists cowards are so afraid of being the minority and getting treated the way THEY have mistreated minorities for hundreds of years- hence the paranoia! Anytime your message and agenda is in alignment with a piece of sh*t like david duke- you are on the wrong side of right and wrong, common sense and morality. The fact that trump Seems to enjoy energizing these kinds of people with the red meat he throws out there and has them feeling empowered and protected is sickening.”

It’s not new that celebrities are speaking out in general about racism in America.

These celebrities include Jesse Williams, who gave a powerful ‘woke’ speech at the 2016 BET awards, and Beyoncé, who got us in ‘formation’ after she was sitting on top of a cop car sinking in a Southern river with a visual titled ‘stop killing us.’

Are more and more celebrities speaking out like our predecessors? If not, are they obligated to do so?

In the case of Colin Kaepernick, who reportedly has a support movement behind him to protest against the NFL for ‘black balling’ him, we may or may not see more celebrities speaking out.

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However, with the public and obvious backlash that Kaepernick has received for his non-violent silent protest during National Anthems, Kaepernick has potentially become an ‘example’ for  the black masses with a message: “this is what will happen if you speak up.”

In the past, if leaders spoke out against injustices against communities of color, they were jailed, or worse… dead.

In a society that glorifies money, flashy cars, clothes, and IG Models, it’s possible we may not be in a generation willing to take the chance that Martin Luther King Jr, Malcolm X, or Nelson Mandela took in order for us to be in a place where Americans of all races are unified.

However, progress has been made and more powerful celebrities are being less afraid to call out the shame of America and get praise for it.

Minister Louis Farrakhan, a powerful figure in the black Muslim community, dubbed Jay-Z “the leader in the economic community for people of color.”

Dr. Umar Johnson says that Jay-Z & Beyoncé could start a social revolution faster then Martin Luther King Jr. and Malcolm X did.

What are your thoughts, socialites? Do celebrities have an obligation to put action behind their words? Or just focus on “getting theirs?”


Let’s take a moment to reflect back on celebrities who’ve boldly called out racism and other social injustices.

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