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Kansas Coach Tells German Student “I’m Your New Hitler” In Demanding Text Message

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Kansas Coach Tells German Student “I’m Your New Hitler” In Demanding Text Message

A Kansas football coach is facing backlash after he referred to himself as “a new Hitler” while communicating with one of his players through text message.

Koam News Now reports Independence Community College student Alexandros Alexious shared the text message on social media after having a disagreement with Head Football coach Jason Brown. Alexiou, a German student, said Brown asked to see him after he received 17 out of 25 disciplinary points. While asking the coach about why he received the points, Brown told Alexiou to stop being disobedient after saying “I’m your new Hitler.”

“410pm on field u German [expletive have 17 points towards your 25 points see stadier for explaination and you got an extra 17 point for not hanging the lion poster as instructed, I’m your new Hitler, figure out your life.”

Brown also told Alexious that he was cut from the team and will take away his scholarship.

“I’ll take u off the [expletive] scholarship I gave u too since you forgotten about that”

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A statement was released by college administrators after Brown’s text messages went viral:

 “Independence Community College does not condone the language Coach Brown used in his message. I have spoken with Coach Brown about his message to the student, and he fully understands that his language was not appropriate. The college is investigating the matter and will have no further statement at this time.”

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Coach Brown did not release a statement in reference to the text messages.


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