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Kanye West Plans To Manufacture Yeezy In America To Help Prison Reform System



Kanye West Plans To Manufacture Yeezy In America To Help Prison Reform System

Kanye West is ready to move all Yeezy manufacturing to America to aid the prison and job reform!

Kanye West is riding the high off of his upcoming release of “Jesus Is King” and the rise of his Sunday Service but that doesn’t mean that he’s not also focusing on his brand Yeezy.

West says that he is ready to move the creation of Yeezy to America by building factories in the US all while using the prison reform system to hire workers.

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“For me, as a founder, it’s really important to bring these jobs back to America,” West said.

With this move, West says that he will be able to be more hands-on with his designs being able to have “rapid prototyping” and the ability to push the product out faster.

This is the second time that West has talked about bringing a factory to the US. If you recall, the rapper sat down with President Trump to talk about bringing an Adidas factory to Chicago which was a meeting that set social media on fire.

“Yeezy is still the number one searched brand on the planet,”

West said when talking about his competition in the fashion realm.

“Number one Yeezy, number two Off-White, three Adidas, and the other three is like Adidas, Nike, Louis Vuitton. Number one was Weezy and all the other ones are closely associated in some way. Every one of these founders has to look at me eye-to-eye.”

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Louis Vuitton is the latest fashion house to being a category to the US celebrating the ribbon cutting with the President just a few days ago.

As of now, there is no word on his progress to being Yeezy to America but as more details emerge, we will keep you updated!

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