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Kanye West Tops The Streaming Charts Despite #KanyeIsCancelled Boycott

Kanye West


Kanye West Tops The Streaming Charts Despite #KanyeIsCancelled Boycott

Despite the #KanyeIsCancelled boycott that was trending on social media last month, Kanye West is back on top of the streaming charts following the release of his new album “Ye”.

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Many were skeptical that Kanye wouldn’t top the charts with his latest studio album following his controversial statements on slavery being a choice and his public support of Donald Trump. 

However, the top 7 songs charts on both Apple Music and Spotify include all seven of the songs on “Ye” following its release on Friday.  Kanye took to Twitter on Saturday to show that the top seven songs on iTunes were made up entirely of “Ye” tracks.

Spotify also had nothing but Kanye among their top streamed songs.

Kanye admitted that he “completely redid” the entire 7-song album after his comments about slavery on TMZ last month. Yeezy explained to BigBoyTV at his listening party in Wyoming last week why the final album sounded different from earlier versions that members of the press had previously heard.

“I just completely did a completely new album,” Kanye answered. “With what the universe was giving me, I wanted something that matched that energy.”

“I completely redid the album after TMZ,” Kanye added. “We just sat there and really honed in on the words.”

Kanye explained that the original version of the album was more political and had subject matter that was “too sensitive” for the public to hear. 

“We know now it’s all headlines and every bar can be used,” he explained. “There were even bars that we had about that. I took them off the album. It was just too sensitive. It was about that topic. I was like, ‘Yo, I’m going to just chill right now.” 

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Socialites, are you feeling Kanye’s new album? Take a look at the rapper below.

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Kanye West


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