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Karrington Williams Gets Ready To Break LA!

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Karrington Williams Gets Ready To Break LA!

Karrington Williams Gets Ready To Break LA!

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Karrington Williams is back and ready to break LA and make a name for himself! Having met numerous notable names in the industry such as Nipsey Hussle, Lauren London, Mona Scott Young to name a few, he is ready to take it to the next level!

Williams loves looking after people and he gets much gratitude for his work as a nurse, however, his acting dream is not far from his reach. He did not let his current career stop from pursuing his real dreams. He appeared on the Steve Harvey show which pushed his passions further.

Karrington’s journey has not always ran smoothly, he has faced difficult obstacles at auditions where producers did not think he was the right fit. However, he did not let these tribulations break his spirit or stop him from pursuing his dreams. He has a bright future ahead, as no dream is too far to reach. He opens up about his childhood and says that he always had a problem with his weight. One producer even told him he was ‘too big’ to be on a show, but, despite some minor discouragement, Karrington did not give up! As Tyler Perry said, “it’s not what they call you, it’s what you answer to!”

We look forward to seeing what he brings to LA!

Take a look at some of his recent events below!

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