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Kash Doll Apologizes To Lil Kim For “Going On A Rant” About Her


Kash Doll Apologizes To Lil Kim For “Going On A Rant” About Her

Ita always great to honor those who came before you and Kash Doll realized that in a recent apology tweet to Lil Kim!

For women in the rap game, conflict comes all too easy, but since there is such a small group of female rappers, the connections and encourage is vital. For Kash Doll, she realized that at a good point in her career as she sends out an apology to Lil Kim over a misunderstanding.

Kash Doll too to her twitter account on Wednesday to apologie to Kim for bashing her before actually meeting her in person.

“First of all, I met Lil Kim last night!!!!!! She was sooooooo sweet I had to apologize to her for going on a rant when I was younger!!” Kash Doll tweeted. “I was in my feelings about some s**t someone I was working with told me she said I couldn’t go on tour with her. Lil Kim didn’t [even] know.”

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In a follow-up tweet, she talks about how Kim also approached the situation. Being a legendary icon in women’s rap, Kim took her under her wing which made Kash Doll appreciative.

“She was so G about it! Hugged me and embraced me like listen you’re too talented for that,” the rapper continued in another tweet. “I love learning s**t from OGs!! @lilkim thank u for everything! you’re truly an icon love.”

Kim also took to Twitter responding letting Kash Doll and all those who were watching know that she wants to support her rap career but she needed to let the public know that all is good between the two of the.

“In Life we make mistakes and bad decisions sometimes but it’s how that woman fixes it is what defines her,” Kim tweeted. “I asked at @KashDoll to fix it publicly so I can support her publicly and she kept her word @KashDoll u r a true queen for that I respect u even more.”

The series of tweets speaks volumes on both artists as fans often time will put female rappers up against each other. However, in this case, Kash Doll and Kim both want the public to ow that they can be in the same industry and support one another.

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Take a look at the Tweets below and let us know what you think!

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