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Katt Williams Says Wanda Smith’s Husband Pulled Gun On Him At Comedy Club

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Katt Williams Says Wanda Smith’s Husband Pulled Gun On Him At Comedy Club

Comedian Katt Williams claims that Wanda Smith’s husband whipped out his gun on him late Saturday night!

Now, we’ve all seen it. The Frank and Wanda Morning Show interview with Katt Williams that quickly went viral Friday morning. The Comedian came on-air to support another comic when things went left and a roast session between Wanda and Katt erupted. Well, it seems Wanda’s husband was not too fond of the comedian’s comments and made sure to let him know Saturday night.

The Gwinnett Country police got involved as Katt Williams filed a police report.

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The Atlanta radio show hosts were in the middle of interviewing another comic when word spread of Williams being in the building which resulted in Smith convincing him to come into the studio.

The 47-year-old did not hold his tongue as he said Tiffany Haddish “has not proven the ability to tell jokes back to back”, that Hollywood only praises her because of her want for white men, and also insinuates that Haddish doesn’t write her own jokes.

“I am a writer. I only care about what you write. I don’t care about what you can read. Everybody can read.”

When Wanda fired back recalling the L.A. Natives popular Girls Trip performance, he says he liked the script when he saw it in 2004. This disagreement soon snowfalls into a talked about back and forth that made the video skyrocket to 1.2 million views in less than 24 hours. The comedian rips apart the radio host concerning her weight, cooking skills, her comedy ability to sell out venues, her hair, and more.

“Only one of our hair is movin’ while we talkin’,” he says, about Smith’s short style. “Tell Wanda to take of them headphones and that wig. That wig and them headphones come together?”

He gets in one more about her weight with “even on the radio, you can hear the fact that exercise has crept into her vocabulary.”

The interview sent Twitter into a frenzy where many questioned if Katt had gone too far or if Wanda got what she asked for?

Nevertheless, Wanda Smith’s husband, LaMorris Sellers, took offense to the roast session and approached Katt outside of the Atlanta Comedy Theatre Saturday night where he attended to support another comic. Smith says that Katt approached her outside of the club saying “I told you f**kin’ with me will make you go viral!” and that is when her husband stepped in. According to LaMorris, he ended up chasing him to a local Food Depot where his gun fell from his waistband but says he never pulled it on him.

Wanda expressed live on the air Monday morning about how she was shocked at Katt’s “attack” towards her, was not trying to play the victim, and that she thought her co-host, Frank Ski, could have cut it off sooner.

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The two parties have decided not to press charges.

Press Play to watch the viral video below!

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