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Kendrick Lamar “Holds Court” For Reebok Collaboration

Kendrick Lamar


Kendrick Lamar “Holds Court” For Reebok Collaboration

As fans patiently wait for the release of the special edition Reebok Club C sneaker in collab with Kendrick Lamar, the rapper released a 4 part video titled Hold Court.

As Kendrick sits in front of a projection of Compton High School’s tennis courts, he talks about what it takes to be a champion, and what Club C means to him.

The Reebok Classic x Kendrick Lamar Club C is available now. They feature acid-washed denim, and include highlights like red letters “k” and “o,” in reference to Kendrick’s “KDot” nickname. Kendrick has said, “This sneaker represents that call for unity and equality, while also pushing people to look beneath the surface and uncover the hidden messages.”

Taking the time to reflect on his personal leaves of success and what Club C represents, Kendrick says, “I always hold myself on a high pedestal to be a champion. Whether I got an inch close or half a mile or a yard. That was always the goal, to put the pressure on myself, to reach a certain level of success. The shoe represents that. Period.”

“A champ has to be passionate,” he says. “A champ has to have a desire. A champ has to have hunger and a champ has to be fearless, somebody who can fail, get back up, and try to do it all over again no matter what the naysayers are saying… That’s a true champ.”

K-Dot breaks down what makes him who he is through his music and why he continues to succeed focusing on what he likes, not for everyone else. “I just like wordplay, manipulating different words, twisting them and bending them,” he says. “Regardless if people liked them or not, I’d still be doing them ’till this day.”

In the final clip, Kendrick talks about giving it your all even if you aren’t going anywhere. “Everybody wanna glorify the person that got the trophy. But you gotta be willing to do it if the trophy wasn’t in your hands anyway. So, I think the champ is always the underdog at heart, even while winning.”

While this is not the end of this 4 part series, you can expect to see the official campaign making is debut on Monday January 30th! 

Kendrick is one of many celebrity ambassadors for Reebok, alongside Future and their new partnership with Teyana Taylor.

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