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Kenneka Jenkins Update: Medical Examiner Rules Accidental Death From Hypothermia; Family Files Petition

Kenneka Jenkins


Kenneka Jenkins Update: Medical Examiner Rules Accidental Death From Hypothermia; Family Files Petition

In addition to alcohol and topiramate (drug treating epilepsy and migraines) intoxication, the death of Kenneka Jenkins, 19, per the Cook County medical examiner’s office, has been ruled as accidental as of Friday (Oct. 6).

Additionally, the office claims although the former were “significant contributing factors,” she died of hypothermia from exposure to cold in the unused walk-in freezer her lifeless body was found in at the Chicago Rosemont Hotel.

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Moreover, the Chicago teen’s family have stated that she was never prescribed topiramate.

Consequently, the office says the drug can cause “dizziness, impaired memory, impaired concentration, poor coordination, confusion and impaired judgment.”

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Furthermore, officials say her blood alcohol level was 0.112.

In addition, examiners tested for “date rape” drugs like: Rohypnol and ketamine — but came back negative.

Additionally, the medical examiner’s office claims they’re unable to determine still when the teen died or how much alchol she’d consumed prior.

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Also, Crowne Plaza Hotel stafferse claim the temperature inside the freezer, in which her body was found, was kept at 34 degrees.

In addition, they state the freezer door was equipped “with a circular release mechanism.”

Consequently, as of today (Oct. 6), attorneys for the family have also filed an emergency petition to preserve all surveillance recordings from the hotel.

Also, the filing requests the hotel to provide a schedule of any of its employees and independent contractors on site form Sept. 8 through Sept. 10.

Lastly, the filing states all organs were found intact, with zero evidence of physical injury or bruising — including head, neck, arm or back trauma.

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Kenneka Jenkins

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