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Kentucky Proposes A Ban For People Using Tattoos To Cover Up Scars



Kentucky Proposes A Ban For People Using Tattoos To Cover Up Scars

The state of Kentucky is proposing a stop to those who get tattoos to cover up unwanted scars.

Health officials in Kentucky are trying to put a stop to tattooing over scared skin which is a major reason for many to get a tattoo in the first place.

While health officials have not given a reason as to why they want the ban, they are pushing to a cleaner environments in tattoo shops.

Draven Gayheart who is a tattoo artist in Kentucky says that he’s covered up so many scars in his shop including on his own wife.

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“My wife had a large portion of her bicep removed. She had a large scar in that area. She hid this scar for half of her life, it’s been turned into something beautiful now.”

Alonzo Chappell, another tattoo artist says he covers scars just about every day!

“It’s really a healing process. I mean, a lot of people come to have closure on maybe a scar or some kind of burn. “

A statement from the state Cabinet of Health and Family Services said: “Regulations in this area have not been updated for about 15 years.”

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Tattoo shops aside from hospitals are areas that should remain extremely sterile as they deal with needles and blood on a day to day basis.

A public hearing on the matter is scheduled for May 28 in Frankfort, the capital.

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