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Kid Rock Explains His Beef With Oprah After Onstage Rant


Kid Rock Explains His Beef With Oprah After Onstage Rant

A day after his drunken onstage rant about Oprah, Kid Rock explains why he has beef with the media mogul.

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According to E! Online, Kid Rock went onstage at his bar, Kid Rock’s Big Honky Tonk & Steakhouse, in Nashville last week and started screaming “F*ck Oprah!” He also addressed rumors of being a racist before being escorted off of the stage. Now, the former rapper says he’s had beef with Oprah for years after being asked to appear on her show.

“My people tried to get me to do The Oprah Winfrey Show years ago and her people wanted me to write down 5 reasons why I loved her and her show,” Kid Rock tweeted on Friday. “I said f–k that and her. End of story.”

As we reported he went on a rant last week about why he disliked Oprah.

“People say ‘Hey, you’re f–king racist.’ I’m like, ‘You’re f–king weird,'” he said during his drunken rant. “You call your people, I’ll call mine. Oprah Winfrey’s like, ‘Hey, I’m gonna get some white women to believe in this shit I’m- f–k her. And if you say that, you’re like, ‘Hey, well, pretty sure Kid Rock’s a racist.’ I’m like, OK fine. F–k off sideways…I’m not the bad guy in this equation. I’m the f–kin’ guy you want, like, ‘Hey, he’s pretty cool.'”

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During a 2008 interview with the Independent, Kid Rock said Oprah “rubbed him the wrong way” and became his “real-life enemy.”

“Oprah Winfrey, she rubs me up the wrong way. I just don’t believe her. Maybe it’s because I’m not one of the 150 million brainwashed women who heed her every word.”

Press play to watch Kid Rock’s rant all over again in the video below and let us know your thoughts with Yappa!

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