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Kids Could End Up In Foster Care Over Unpaid School Lunch Bills

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Kids Could End Up In Foster Care Over Unpaid School Lunch Bills

Kids Could End Up In Foster Care Over Unpaid School Lunch Bills

In shocking letters sent out to about 1,000 parents in Wyoming Valley West School District, states that kids could end up in foster care if their parents do not pay overdue school lunch bills!

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Apparently the district says that it is trying to collect more than $20,000, but haven’t been successful using that method. It was also noted that four parents out of the Pennsylvania district owe at least $450 apiece. Now, the letter claims that the unpaid bills could not only lead to dependency hearings but also removal of their children for not providing them with food.

“You can be sent to dependency court for neglecting your child’s right to food. The result may be your child being taken from your home and placed in foster care,” the letter read.

As many can imagine, not all parents can afford to send their kids extra pocket change for lunch, and instead of coming up with a plan to help those families in need, it appears that the district just wants to hit that 20K mark.

However, Luzerne County’s manager and child welfare agency director have written the superintendent, insisting the district stop making what they call false claims, USA Today reports. Their letter labels the district’s actions troubling and a misrepresentation of how the Children and Youth Services Department and its foster care program operate.

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