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Female Killer Clown Arrested 27 Years After Brutal Murder


Female Killer Clown Arrested 27 Years After Brutal Murder

IT might not be fictional after all. Much of this story seems all too similar to the infamous Stephen King novel, killer clowns and all.

27 years ago, Marlene Warren was finishing breakfast with her son and his friends when things took a turn for the worst.

Just as creepy clown movies go, a mysterious Chrysler LeBaron pulled into her driveway in West Palm Beach, Florida.

A figure dressed as a clown walked from the car carrying two balloons and a flower arrangement to her door.

When she answered, the clown then handed her the gifts. According to authorities, Warren said ‘How nice.’ At this point, the clown calmly pulled out a gun, shot her in the face, went back to the car and escaped. Sadly Marlene died two days later.

27 years later….

At the time of the crime, investigators said they had identified a suspect but didn’t have sufficient evidence. It appears Sheila Keen married the victim’s husband 12 years after her murder. She was taken into custody in Abingdon, Virginia on Monday.

Detectives also discovered the suspect married Michael Warren, the widower of the victim, in 2002.

When detectives first looked into the murder, they heard rumors the suspect was having an affair with Michael Warren. At the time of the arrest, the pair were together in a car on Tuesday.

Michael warren, the widower’s husband is also being investigated for any involvement. Advancements in DNA technology have allowed for a concrete arrest.

Capital punishment

Keen, 54, will be charged with first-degree murder for the murder. According to Palm Beach County State Attorney David Aronberg, prosecutors will decide if they want the death penalty once she returns to the state.

Take a look at some modern-day clown sightings…..and Sheila.

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