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Killer Slime Is Taking Over France’s Beaches



Killer Slime Is Taking Over France’s Beaches

A dangerous green slime has taken over the beaches of France and can apparently “kill a person” in seconds.

The New York Post reports six beaches have closed in Brittany after the dangerous algae could kill a person in seconds. The poisonous algae have taken over the shores in Saint-Brieuc due to over fertilization of fields pouring into the ocean.

It releases a poisonous hydrogen sulfide that can cause a loss of consciousness and cardiac arrest.

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A spokesperson from the town said the algae slowly grew in early June then increased during the wet season.

“The influx of green algae began very early, there were few storms and June was a relatively wet month, which caused more water to flow from agricultural areas and thus more green algae”

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Multiple people and animals have died from the algae’s fumes as reported by the Guardian.

“Around 20 people die on the coast each year, often swept away with tides or currents, but the question is: could some of those people have fainted from toxic gas from seaweed before being swept out? The state has not shed full light on all these issues,”

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