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Kim Kardashian Addresses Drama Surrounding Her “Kimono” Shapewear Line



Kim Kardashian Addresses Drama Surrounding Her “Kimono” Shapewear Line

Kim Kardashian’s West is now opening up about the backlash behind her new shapewear “Kimono.”

On Wednesday, we reported that Kim Kardashian was releasing a new shareware collection that was not only diverse in size, but style, and shade as well.

The biggest backlash surrounding this release did not come from the products itself, but it came from the lines name “Kimono.”

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The word itself has forever been associated with Women’s dresses in the Japanese culture so many held the words Cultural Appropriation over Kim’s head.

While she did not instantly respond, Kim has finally released a statement.

“I made the decision to name my company Kimono, not to disassociate the word from its Japanese roots but as a nod to the beauty and detail that goes into a garment. I understand and have deep respect for the significance of the kimono in Japanese culture.”

She continued;

“My solutionwear brand is built with inclusivity and diversity at its core and I’m incredibly proud of what’s to come.”

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While the collection name is slated to be trademarked and released in July, Kim insists that she has no intentions on creating a

“design or release any garments that would in any way resemble or dishonor the traditional garment.”

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