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Kim Kardashian-backed inmate finally released from DC jail after 23 years

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Kim Kardashian-backed inmate finally released from DC jail after 23 years

​Kim Kardashian-backed inmate finally released from DC jail after 23 years

An inmate has been freed from a D.C. detention facility on Monday after serving 23 years in prison for murder, following Kim Kardashian’s call for his release. Momolu Stewart, now 39, was convicted back in 1999 after being tried as an adult at 16. He had his life sentence suspended on Friday.

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Stewart’s release came just two months after the reality star stepped in and wrote a letter of support for his release to D.C. Superior Court Judge Robert Salerno. As we previously reported, Kim said after hearing his story while touring the District of Columbia facility for her documentary, she believed he developed into a different person from the angry, trouble-prone teen he was decades ago.

“I have every confidence that upon his release he will continue to guide others away from a life of crime and continue on his own path to redemption and success,” Kardashian wrote in the letter.

The petition for Stewart’s release was initially filed under the Incarceration Reduction Amendment Act, which allows inmates who were tried as adults while still children to ask to have their sentences reduced. It was also noted that While in jail, Stewart earned his GED and took classes through the Georgetown Prison Scholars Program, according to Oxygen.

“While he cannot go back and change what happened when he was 16 years old, he takes responsibility for the pain he has caused to the victim’s family, and feels true remorse for his role in the crime that resulted in the loss of life,” Kardashian added.

This isn’t the first time Kardashian has helped set an inmate free. Just last year, she successfully lobbied Trump to pardon Alice Marie Johnson, who was serving a life sentence without parole for a nonviolent drug offense.

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