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Kim Kardashian Imposes No Jewelry Rule At New Mansion


Kim Kardashian Imposes No Jewelry Rule At New Mansion

Kim and Kanye have finally moved into the mansion that they spent years renovating and the house has a rule! No jewelry will be allowed!

Sources close to the Kardashian’s say Kim decided to put the ‘no jewelry’ policy in place at the Hidden Hills home because she doesn’t want it to be a target for thieves. In light of her horrific Parisian ordeal, we don’t blame her!

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Apparently, the very few pieces that Kim does still own are being stored elsewhere and they will be under constant supervision accompanied by elaborate security measures to get to it. And despite the lack of jewelry at their new home, armed security’s will still be on guard 24/7.

The couple who have a new baby due this month, are on high alert since the robbery. The reality star no longer wears her own jewelry, unless it is a replica or fake. However, we’re told if Kim decides to borrow real pieces for an event, it won’t be permitted in the house and a stylist will meet with her right before an event and take it back right after.

There have been numerous celebrity home invasions in Los Angeles, including the homes of Floyd Mayweather, Mariah Carey and more!

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