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Kim Kardashian Reportedly Sues Makeup App For $10M For Using Her Pictures

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Kim Kardashian Reportedly Sues Makeup App For $10M For Using Her Pictures

Kim Kardashian Reportedly Sues Makeup App For $10M For Using Her Pictures

Another day, another lawsuit: Kim Kardashian is reportedly suing an app company called iHandy’s Sweet Cam, claiming they jacked her photo so they could get people to download their editing app and bring in some big bucks!

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The Daily Mail reports that the makeup mogul filed papers against the company on Wednesday in the Superior Court of California in Los Angeles. The mother-of-four is accusing the developer of taking her 2017 photos, which she also uses to promote her beauty line — to use in its own advertisement campaign.

iHandy reportedly used the defense that they didn’t realize it was Kim’s picture they used. However, her legal team, headed by mega lawyer Marty Singer, blasted the company saying their defense was just “ridiculous.” The suit states: “Defendants incredulously and ridiculously feigned ignorance and assert that, of the billions upon billions of photographs on the Internet and Instagram, they didn’t know that the one photo they pilfered and featured…. is a popular photo of Kardashian that she had posted to promote her makeup beauty line, i.e, a photo of one of the most famous and recognizable women in the world.”

The suit adds:

“Even after notice of the infringement, iHandy continued exploiting Kardashian’s image and persona, and even threatened to go after Kardashian should she advance claims to protect her rights.”

Kim is suing for $10M which her team doesn’t think is too high because, according to court papers, if she agrees to an ad or endorsement campaign ‘(which she would only do so for a product she likes and uses, unlike Sweet Camera App) she receives significant compensation per individual Instagram post and/or for use of her image and persona in advertisement campaigns,” The Daily Mail reports.

TMZ noted that Kim rakes in $1M for each Instagram advertisement she posts.

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