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Kim Kardashian Sues Doctor For Using Her Name To Promote Vampire Facial



Kim Kardashian Sues Doctor For Using Her Name To Promote Vampire Facial

Kim Kardashian is lawyering up after an Alabama doctor used her name and face to promote his vampire facials!

Back in 2013, Kim Kardashian introduced the vampire facial to those who had no idea what it was while filming an episode of “Kourtney and Kim Take Miami.”

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Fast forward to today, and she is now suing an Alabama doctor for using her name and face to promote his version of the facial.

Charles Runels and the Cellular Medicine Association have been using her photos without her permission according to court documents.

Kim and her team are suing for copyright infringement, infringement of registered mark, false association, violation of the right of publicity and California common law trademark infringement.

Despite Kim having received the facial a number of times, she does say that she regrets her decision calling it “rough and painful.”

The facial requires patients to have their blood drawn and plasma is isolated from the red and white blood cells. The remaining liquid, known as platelet-rich plasma, is micro-needled into the skin.

“Upon further investigation, Ms. Kardashian was horrified to discover that her name and likeness were plastered all over Runels’ website (,” the documents state.

“Just below a post disclaiming any association with the Vampire Facial provider from which patients had contracted HIV is a photo captioned, ‘Bar [Refaeli] & Kim Receive the Vampire Facial® Procedure.’”

Runels has responded to the lawsuit on his personal blog stating that;

“He is now being sued by Ms. Kardashian West for a part of the profits made by the procedure, even though she was never asked to endorse it.”

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