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Kris Jenner Says She Will Sue You Even If You Are Poor


Kris Jenner Says She Will Sue You Even If You Are Poor

Entrepreneur Kris Jenner will go to great lengths to protect her family’s brand, including sue poor people!

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The 62-year-old momager of six recently revealed that she was ready to sue one of her youngest daughter’s employees. Jenner says that when her then-pregnant daughter Kylie told her that she suspected an employee was trying to photograph her inside of her own home, Kris was ready to issue a lawsuit on the culprit. 

“We obviously will go to and spare no expense to hold somebody accountable if that happens on our team,” Kris told HuffPost in an interview released Wednesday.

“I don’t care how much money somebody might have ― if they have nothing,” she warned. “Some people think, ‘Oh, I don’t have any money, and they’re not going to sue me.’ Well, we’ll take payments. We’ll garner those wages for, you know, the next 10 years. But I just think that people don’t think. It’s a foolish thing to do.”

Kris says despite the family sharing much of their lives on their hit reality show “Keeping Up with the Kardashians,” she says the family works to keep their private lives private. It’s important for the family to hire people they can trust.

“Unfortunately, there are some bad people out there who have not good intentions,” Kris said. “I obviously can’t control that. But to the best of my ability, we try to have people on our team who have our back, who we feel that we can really trust.”

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Take a look at Kris Jenner and her children below.

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