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Lakers Remove Michael Jackson Song Following ‘Leaving Neverland’

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Lakers Remove Michael Jackson Song Following ‘Leaving Neverland’

Lakers Remove Michael Jackson Song Following ‘Leaving Neverland’

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Multiple outlets have decided to remove the late pop legend’s music from their platforms following the defamatory accusations in HBO’s “Leaving Neverland” documentary.

Now, the Los Angeles Lakers have become the latest to follow suit, despite many of the allegations in the documentary being speculative and hard to prove.

ESPN’s Lakers correspondent Dave McMenamin made the announcement that the Lakers will be removing “Beat It” from their “Air Band Cam.”

“The Lakers’ Air Band Cam getting fans to imitate Lance Stephenson’s air guitar featured Micheal Jackson’s “Beat It” as the musician accompaniment most of the season. Since “Leaving Neverland” aired, they’ve switched to Chuck Berry’s “Johnny B. Goode” and Nirvana,” he tweeted.

Ironically, Complex reports that Chuck Berry isn’t the best replacement because back in 1959, he was found guilty of transporting a 14-year-old across state lines for “immoral purposes.” He was found guilty and sentenced to two years in prison. Later down the line, he was also caught installing cameras in women’s bathrooms.

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