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Laquan Smith Spills The Tea On Dressing Sample Size Models Following Bebe Rexah Mishap



Laquan Smith Spills The Tea On Dressing Sample Size Models Following Bebe Rexah Mishap

Celebrity designer Laquan Smith spills the tea on dressing models and celebs amid the Bebe Rexah Grammy dress controversy.

With the Grammy being just a day away, designer Lawuan Smith is giving some insight into what designers see when t comes to dressing celebs for the big day.

This comes after singer Bebe Rexah took to social media to blast designers for not wanting to dress her “size 8 body.”

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While many designers have now come to Bebe’s aid and are dying to dress her, Smith says that people have to look at the other side of the picture.

While yes, there needs to be some diversity when it comes to dressing celebs, Smith says that the whole fashion industry is not the villain in this situation.

“People don’t understand the full situation,” Smith told PEOPLE.

“It’s not that designers don’t want to dress these women, but in the event of smaller designers, it’s (a) have we even been presented the opportunity and (b) if we are presented the opportunity and there’s no budget involved, we take on the financial burden or bend over backwards to basically hope to be placed on the red carpet. It’s never guaranteed. Those are the kind of situations that I try to bring awareness to.”

While his sample sizes come in a 2 and 4, Smith says that the cost of fabric is something that designers look at and can sometimes be an obstacle.

“You’re taking on the fabric cost, the manufacturing cost, the pattern development cost, the timing that you take to source, the time you take to sketch, the back and forth communication, the dialogue between you and the stylist and the celebrity and the staff,” Smith explained. “It takes out time to cater to that specific person. Those are the losses. As a designer, those are the obstacles that you go through.”

While it may sound like he is defending the fashion world for not dressing sizes larger than 4, he does say;

“Do I think that big fashion brands should be able to dress women of all sizes especially if it’s a great platform? Yes. Especially if they have a budget for it.”

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“When you have women who cry for help, like ‘No one will dress me,’ you have to wonder if there is more to the story,” he told PEOPLE.


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