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LeBron James Confirmed ‘Space Jam 2’ Begins Filming This Summer


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LeBron James Confirmed ‘Space Jam 2’ Begins Filming This Summer

LeBron James will be busy this upcoming summer as he is set to start filming on “Space Jam2.”

Everybody get up it’s time to slam now because LeBron James has released some good news about his upcoming film.

Following his first season as a Los Angeles Laker, James will be back on the court and gearing up to film “Space Jam 2.”

It’s been a long time coming since the original film back in 1996 with Michael Jordan and the loony toons, but James who is considered this centries GOAT in basketball will be the main star.

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During All-Star Weekend, James confirmed in front of a live audience that he would be filming as soon as the season wrapped up.

With the film being directed by Terrence Nance and produced by “Black Panther” producer Ryan Coogler, it’s sure to be one for the books.

While speaking to Vice, Nance said;

“Pretty sure [it’s] going to disrupt everything. I’m excited about what […] that movie can be.”

James has become such a major icon especially with his recent switch to a team that he rivaled for many years. Who knows what kind of story will be told through this film. One thing we do know however is that people will be lining up to see this film.

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