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‘Life Of Kylie’ Hit Or Miss? Here’s What Twitter Had To Say…

Life Of Kylie


‘Life Of Kylie’ Hit Or Miss? Here’s What Twitter Had To Say…

Kylie Jenner‘s “Life Of Kylie” premiered on E! last night. While she promises to show a different side of “Kylie,” she also #unlocks details about her life and things she struggles with. And Twitter responded.

Did you catch the premiere of  Kylie Jenner’s, ‘Life Of Kylie’ this past Sunday night?  The two-part premiere was up against HBO’s Game Of Thrones. However, that didn’t stop viewers from tuning in to get a glimpse into Jenner’s life.

While Kylie promised to deliver a side of her that only her “inner circle” gets to see, she also shares how she feels constantly pressured to keep up with an image and staying relevant by being on Instagram and SnapChat.

#PressPlay and watch….


As Kylie shares her struggles, she opens up about her guilt of not driving her Lamborghini enough, wanting to live a normal life, and never going to prom.

However, Bestie Jordyn Woods comes to the rescue and finds her a prom date. It’s unclear on exactly how Jordyn found Kylie’s date or just how they got in touch with her date’s mother. The two of them FaceTime Alberto’s mother (Kylie’s prom date), as she begins to share with them how her son didn’t have a date.

In addition to Alberto being date-less, she says her son couldn’t understand why no one wanted to go with him. Having a soft spot for “outcasts,” Kylie agrees to be Alberto’s prom date.

Moreover, during a private interview, Jenner admits to growing up and feeling like an outcast.

#PressPlay and watch:

And here’s how she made Alberto’s prom night one that he and his entire school will never forget…

Social Media Reacts…

So, as Kylie Jenner served us the “Real Kylie,” social media delivered mixed reviews with some understanding her struggle, while others…. yeah… not so much!

Here’s a few reactions from Twitter: 

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Socialites! What did you think about the premiere of Life of Kylie?

Be sure to catch an all new episode, Sunday at 9 PM EST only on E!

By HU writer: Krystyl Bystyl

Facebook and Instagram: @KrystylBystyl

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