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Lifeguard Calls Police On Black Homeowner At Neighborhood Pool

Facebook/ ABC 13


Lifeguard Calls Police On Black Homeowner At Neighborhood Pool

Lifeguard Calls Police On Black Homeowner At Neighborhood Pool

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A Texas mother says she was racially profiled and kicked out of her neighborhood pool by the lifeguard on duty.

According to ABC13, Tramica Thomas said the incident ensued on Saturday after she took her five children to the pool at Lago Mar, Houston. Within 15 minutes of arriving, Thomas was approached by the lifeguard who claimed she had too many guests with her.

“He asked ‘Well, who are these guys in front of me right here??’ ” Thomas said. “I said ‘I don’t know who they are.’ Mind you, they were black, but they weren’t with me.”

After the initial conversation, she thought the situation was resolved, however, police later arrived and began to order her out of the pool.

When she asked why, he said: “Well, the lifeguards are requesting you to leave.”

Thomas notified the officer that the lifeguards never asked her to leave, but the officer insisted that she and her family leave the pool. He even threatened to arrest them if they did not leave quick enough.

“I am filled with so much hurt and frustration!!!” she posted to Facebook. “What was supposed to be a nice family fun day turned into a horrible and tragic memory!!!!”

Largo Mar Homeowner’s Association board of directors released a statement following the incident,

“The safety of our residents is our top priority, the pool’s rules and regulation are in place to protect all residents and their guests,” the board said. “After several polite requests to follow pool rules and to supervise their underage guests, the lifeguard on duty asked the resident to leave. This request was for the safety of their unsupervised children as well as the other pool patrons.”

However, Thomas says the encounter was captured on surveillance and the claims are false about she nd he family being “unsafe.”

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