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Lindsay Lohan Accused Of Using Drugs on “Lohan Beach Club”

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Lindsay Lohan Accused Of Using Drugs on “Lohan Beach Club”

Lindsay Lohan has been accused of doing drugs while filming her new reality show “Lohan Beach Club”.

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A teaser video was released of Monday night’s new episode and MTV star Kailiah Casillas and Lindsay Lohan’s feud reached an all-time high. Lohan gets angry at her employees for not cleaning their  Myknonos villas and threatens to “fire them all” when Casillas defends herself. Page Six exclusively revealed that Casillas gets fired on Monday’s episode which leads her to lash out at the actress.

 “Continue doing all the drugs you do, Lindsay.”

She spoke with Page Six detailing what she believes the 32-year-old is engaging in.

“It kind of slipped,” Casillas told Page Six. “I can’t say that I saw anything, because I’m really not trying to get myself in trouble, but I can say that from my own personal opinion, I do not think that she was sober whatsoever.”

Lindsay didn’t seem fazed by Casillas’ accusations, saying she was just throwing her past in her face to retaliate. However, Casillas told the outlet she experienced some “uncomfortable” and “awkward” actions from Lohan since filming. She said when she first met the “Mean Girls” star, Lohan gave her “the look of death”.

“She would barely shake my hand and kind of shooed me off,” Casillas said, before adding things got went downhill from there.

She claimed that Lohan “locked” her in a shower on a previous episode.

“It was weird,” she said.

The cast member recalled a time where she and other people on the show got soaked after taking a smaller boat to a yacht where Lindsay was. She said Lohan told her,

“‘Come, rinse off with me in the shower.’”

Lohan had on a wet suit and Casillas was in a bathing suit.

“It wasn’t sexual by any means, but it was very uncomfortable and awkward,” Casillas said.

Trying to cut the tension, Casillas brought up a time where she met one of Lohan’s brother’s in Colombia.

“In that moment, she was like, ‘Oh, it’s so cool. Small world,’” Casillas said. But when firing Casillas, the reality star said, Lohan changed her tune and told her, “Don’t talk about my family.”

She also alleged Lohan was “ridiculously rude” to two yacht servers by telling them to “go away” and laughing when they left.

“As of now, I still love her movies, but I just realize that Lindsay herself is not such a good person,” she said. “You can be a boss and still be respectful, and allow people to talk to you like a human being.”

Watch the new episode tonight at 10 p.m. on MTV.

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