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Lindsay Lohan Is Getting Her Own Reality Show On MTV


Lindsay Lohan Is Getting Her Own Reality Show On MTV

Lindsay Lohan Is Getting Her Own Reality Show On MTV

Lohan, now the owner of Lohan Beach House, is heading back to TV!

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She plans to center the new show around her club in Mykonos, Greece.  Cameras will follow Lindsay and her staff as they prepare for the opening of her new hotspot.  Lindsay seems to think Lisa Vanderpump could learn a thing or two from her. Page Six reported Lohan called her new show “a cooler, hipper, edgier ‘Vanderpump Rules.’

Before Lohan moved overseas, many nostalgic fans were still hopeful that she would return to the big screen. Instead, she moved overseas to Dubai in an attempt to keep a low profile.  Lohan says she’s finally found peace.

“It’s the safest place. It’s less demanding. America is always like, ‘Go go go go go!’” she explained to W Magazine.

Lohan became a tabloid sensation for her drug use, stints in rehab, declining career and issues with the law.  But she’s put her old habits and Hollywood lifestyle completely behind her.

“I don’t have to turn on the news and see about the Kardashians. I don’t have to see anything anymore. I choose what I want to see and how I want to live.”

Lohan is apparently very passionate and hands-on in her new business venture.  She reportedly planned every detail of the club down to the music selection.  The Beach House isn’t the only new business venture for Lohan.  She’s in the process of opening a beauty business, clothing line, and a candle collection.

I don’t know if I’ll be taking beauty advice from Lohan just yet but I’ll definitely be tuning in to her new show!

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Take a look for some vintage Lindsay Lohan shots below!

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