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Lionel Richie’s Son ‘Cautioned’ For Alleged Airport Bomb Threat

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Lionel Richie’s Son ‘Cautioned’ For Alleged Airport Bomb Threat

Lionel Richie’s Son ‘Cautioned’ For Alleged Airport Bomb Threat

Lionel Richie’s son landed in police custody on Saturday after getting into an altercation with an airport staff who denied him entry to a flight. He also made bomb threats, according to TMZ.

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Miles Brockman Richie, 24, was at the London’s Heathrow Airport when it all happened. While it’s unclear why they refused him to board the plane, it was said that he threatened to detonate a bomb and then allegedly punched a security guard.

Rather than being charged and facing jail time, he was given a “caution” for “communicating false information, battery, and causing a bomb hoax” after authorities discovered he was lying about the explosives.

In England, receiving a “caution” means the person involved accepts responsibility for their actions and is allowed to go on their way without being arrested or charged, Page Six notes.

While Miles was able to get away with this, others who’ve done the same thing weren’t so lucky. A librarian was sentenced to 10 months behinds bars for causing a bomb hoax at Gatwick Airport last year, all because he was late for his flight.

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