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Lisa Frank Snags A New Collaboration, But This Time With Reebok

Lisa Frank


Lisa Frank Snags A New Collaboration, But This Time With Reebok

Lisa Frank may be old, but the brand is still working!

Everyone’s favorite psychedelic unicorn brand is back with a new collaboration that no one was expecting.
Back in July, we announced that Lisa Frank had teamed up with Target for a new pajama collection.

But that was not all the Arizona-based brand had in mind. They are now moving on to sneakers by working with major brand Reebok.

In the 90’s, everyone was used to associating this brand with school supplies, but my, have times changed.

The demand for Frank products was heavily associated with those kids who were born in the early 90’s.

So to keep that trend going towards today’s millennials, what better way but to transfer into clothing and shoes?

The old school classic Reebok shoe definitely screams Lisa Frank by simply looking at it.

Keeping to tradition, the shoe features the iconic rainbow puppies, unicorns, lips, and cheetahs.

But what’s an iconic shoe without a touch of neon color? “Rainbow colors and fantasy characters never go out of style,” Lisa Frank said on the Reebok website.

Surprisingly, Frank, who started this company well over 25 years ago, is a sneaker fan herself.

“Sometimes I even make my own sneakers, adding height to a flat pair of lace ups. I used to paint my sneakers and everybody loved them!” she said.

Now when it comes to sizes, we couldn’t just let the kids have all the fun. These sneakers come in both kids and adult sizes.

However, before we get your hopes up, we have to let you in on a little secret!

Only two people in the world will win the iconic shoes in a super limited-edition social media contest.

Crazy, right? Got our hopes up for only two shoes. But who knows, this could open the doors to a larger collab, where there are more pairs being sold.

In the meantime, keep your eyes peeled for that upcoming contest, and let us know what you think of the sneakers below!

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