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Luxury Consignment Store The RealReal Under Fire For Authentication Process



Luxury Consignment Store The RealReal Under Fire For Authentication Process

Luxury concimnent store The RealReal is coming under first for their authentication process by shoppers and former employees!

If you have shopped at luxury consignment store The RealReal, you know what they pride themselves on their authentication process before putting items on the shelves. But recently, they have come under fire by not just shoppers but former employees sharing flaws in their training.

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“Consignors trust us because we treat their items with the utmost care and quickly sell them at the optimal price. Buyers trust us because we have a rigorous authentication process.”

According to CNBC, there is not much training when it comes to giving employees an understanding of how to actually authenticate an item. They report that the majority of their verification process is conducted by untrained copywriters who work on quotas.

When former employees were interviewed and documents were reviewed, it showed that;

“the company’s claim of expert authentication was not accurate.”

“They give you a quick 5-minute presentation on what things should look like and then have you go,” one copywriter told The Capitol Forum.

“I should not have been authenticating an Hermes scarf, for example, but all they care about is the product getting on the site. … It’s really hard for someone to properly authenticate something when they’re not probably the best qualified to be even doing that in the first place.”

As The RealReal, they say that they value their verification process saying;

“our success depends on our ability to accurately and cost-effectively determine whether an item offered for consignment is an authentic product.”

However, they are also being upfront that while they try to ensure items are real, there are some that they just can’t identify.

“while we have invested heavily in our authentication processes and we reject any goods we believe to be counterfeit, we cannot be certain that we will identify every counterfeit item that is consigned to us.”
In a recent interview with The RealReal CEO Julie Wainwright, she shared the process of verification as such.

Receivers at The RealReal’s processing center review the new intake and sort items into different categories (“low-risk,” “high-risk” and so on) based on factors like brand, style, value, and source. Then, some goods are sent to corresponding authenticators while “other items are authenticated by our copywriters.”

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