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Maleah Davis’ Mother Blames Stepfather For Her Disappearance

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Maleah Davis’ Mother Blames Stepfather For Her Disappearance

The mother of the four-year-old Houston girl who was reported missing last week says her stepfather may have been involved in her disappearance. She added that the girl was the target of past abuse.

The Houston Chronicle reports that Maleah Davis’ mother,Brittany Bowens,has suspected that her common law husband, Darion Vence, is responsible for her daughter’s disappearance. She made the accusations after seeing surveillance footage of Vence walking out of his apartment with bleach, a laundry container, and a black garbage bag. Bowens believes her daughter’s body was stuffed in the bag.

Activist Quanell X spoke in behalf of Bowens on Friday describing her thoughts on the girl’s disappearance:

“He told her he was cleaning up the apartment.She didn’t understand why he would be cleaning up the apartment. But he went and bought an extra bottle of Clorox and came back.”

However, the Houston Police Department has yet to reveal any details and evidence they have surrounding the case as told by spokesperson Victor Senties.

“We’re not confirming anything at this point”

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Vence has not been found by police since the four-year-old’s disappearance last Thursday but they haven’t listed him as a suspect or person of interest. His vehicle was found in a Missouri City parking lot onThursday morning.

Quanell X said that Vence and Bowens had an argument about Vence sending nude photos to another person a day before her trip. She said he could’ve snapped and took out his anger on her daughter. Additionally, Maleah has special needs and Bowens said her daughter has been the subject of abuse in the past.

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“It was out of fear and out of being threatened by Mr. Darion that she covered up physical abuse of Maleah that the stepfather was doing.For some reason, she was unwilling to tell everything she knew about him. And I think the mother has a twisted love for the man“


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