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Man and Alleged Mistress Tied To A Tree Naked After Wife Caught Them Cheating 



Man and Alleged Mistress Tied To A Tree Naked After Wife Caught Them Cheating 

A married man and his alleged mistress were found bound to a tree naked in China last week!

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The pair were filmed by an onlooker as they both appear to be tied to the same tree and completely stripped of clothing! The video shows many locals begin to gather around the scene as police officers try to control the crowd. The footage was uploaded onto Chinese social media platform WeChat last Friday and quickly went viral.

According to a statement from the Huishhui County Public Security Bureau, the incident was caused by an “excessive reaction” from the man’s wife after the two had “emotional disputes”. Police say they sent officers to the scene, in the Huishui county in southern China’s Guizhou Province, around 5 pm that day to untie the woman. Officers recused her, covered her with clothes and took relevant persons to the police station. Police did not detail the relationship between the man and woman who were publicly shamed but an investigation is underway.

China is apparently no stranger to public shaming due to marital affairs. According to a report obtained by the Daily Mail, China has professional “mistress hunters” who help thousands of wives catch “shameless home wreckers”. A well-known woman, Zhang Yufen, helps her clients uncover evidence and sometimes orders her colleagues to punish the mistress.

“A mistress deserves to be beaten,” Zhang said in a previous interview with MailOnline. “You have to strip off her pants first so that she couldn’t run away.”

A divorcee herself, Zhang has helped over 200,000 Chinese women handle their marital problems in the past two decades.

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Watch the viral video below:


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