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Man Arrested After Entering Drive-Thru With His Dead Wife In Passenger Seat


Man Arrested After Entering Drive-Thru With His Dead Wife In Passenger Seat

An Oklahoma man was arrested in Arizona earlier this week when he entered a drive-thru with his dead wife’s body in the passenger seat.

The Independent reports Rodney Puckett,70, was apprehended on May 13 when a Carl’s Jr employee noticed his dead wife’s naked body was upside down in the passenger seat. Maria Davis said she was in disbelief when she saw Puckett pull up to the drive-thru window:

“What most caught my attention was her. I knew she was face down with her legs up in the air. It wasn’t normal. There was like a blue cover he had in the front, and he was like trying to cover her, like her behind, but her legs were still sticking up in the air.”

Davis wrote down Puckett’s license plate number and informed a detective who walked into the fast food restaurant. Puckett was stopped when he tried to exit the parking lot.

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The woman was identified as 74-year-old Linda Puckett, Puckett’s estranged wife. Public information officer Sgt Kristie Barnette said in a statement that the couple was staying at a hotel in El Paso, Texas a day before her death.

“The security video shows Linda and Rodney walking into the hotel room. Then, in the early hours of May 13, it shows Rodney exiting the room with a luggage cart and what appears to be Linda’s body, hidden by blankets.”

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The case is currently under investigation and Linda’s cause of death has yet to be determined.


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