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Man Arrested After Faking Police Report As A “Late For Work” Excuse


Man Arrested After Faking Police Report As A “Late For Work” Excuse

A New Hampshire man is facing serious felony charges after he forged a police report to be excused at work for lateness.

The Miami Herald reports 51-year-old Paul Neilson is facing a forgery charge after faking a police report so he could be excused for arriving to work late. Lisbon police reported back on March 11, Neilson worked at a construction company and told his boss that a police officer stopped him then gave a warning about his expired car registration.

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Despite his boss feeling skeptical about the excuse, Neilson gave him a police report with a full description of the encounter. Shortly after, the boss called the Lisbon Police Department and they stated they did not have any contact with Nielson.

Neilson can face up to seven years in prison for the felony charge if convicted in court.

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Check the video below to learn about some other crazy occurrences at the workplace in the video clip below and let us know your thoughts!


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