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Man Arrested For Keeping TV Sent To Him By Mistake

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Man Arrested For Keeping TV Sent To Him By Mistake

Man Arrested For Keeping TV Sent To Him By Mistake

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A man was arrested for keeping a TV that was sent to him by mistake. Nick Memmo, 35, from Massachusetts was arrested on charges of larceny and misleading a police officer.

Memmo described the incident to FOX 13, afterofficers conducted a search inside his home and discovered an 86-inch flat screen in the living room.

“They surrounded the house and knocked on the door with flashlights coming through all the windows. They told me to come outside then handcuffed me,” said Memmo.

He admits that police had previously questioned him about the TV.

“I answered what questions I could without putting myself in jeopardy.”

“I said ‘Do I need to hire an attorney?’ and they said I wasn’t under investigation at that point. They were just asking questions. I answered a lot of questions with I don’t know just so I didn’t jeopardize myself,” he said.

Nick reveals that he initially paid for a 74-inch flat screen on Amazon. Upon its delivery, he was given an additional larger TV too.

When he was questioned about returning it he said, “I did and I looked into all the laws and said, ‘You know, it’s a scratch ticket. Sometimes you win, sometimes you lose.'”

“Amazon said I had nothing to worry about. I made no wrong no decisions at that point,” he said.

He could potentially face jail time for his mistake.

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