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Man Arrested For Kidnapping And Holding His Ex-Girlfriend Captive For 25 Days

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Man Arrested For Kidnapping And Holding His Ex-Girlfriend Captive For 25 Days

A Utah man was arrested after he kidnapped his ex-girlfriend and held her captive in his home for almost a month.

According to the Daily Mail, Albert Tony Yazzie,29, was arrested Thursday for kidnapping an ex-girlfriend and keeping her hostage at his home in West Jordan. Razzie controlled her every movement in the home by restricting what she eats, scheduling her shower time, and limited communication to the outside world.

Police say that Yazzie kidnapped his ex after being released from prison on parole in September. The victim escaped on Wednesday while the pair was on their way to Yazzie’s parole meeting. After he exited the vehicle to check-in with his parole officer, the woman told their Uber driver to “get me away from here.”

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The woman was dropped off at a relative’s home and called 911. Officers arrived at Yazzie’s home to arrest him but the suspect fled on foot and had to be tasered so he could be in police custody. Investigators say the victim was repeatedly choked, beaten, and forced to use self-harm if she disobeyed Yazzie’s rules. She said he took her phone away so she couldn’t contact any relatives.

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Yazzie is currently held at a local jail on a bond of $67,543. He was charged with kidnapping, aggravated assault, damaging a communication device, and resisting arrest.

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