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Man Arrested For Smuggling 50 Skeletons In His Luggage


Man Arrested For Smuggling 50 Skeletons In His Luggage

A man from India was arrested after police caught him smuggling 50 human skeletons in his luggage.

The Telegraph reports Sanjay Prasad was arrested at the Chapra railway station in the state of Bihar. Upon apprehending Prasad, railway police opened up his luggage and found 16 human skulls and 34 skeletal remains. Prasad was traveling on the Balia-Sealdah Express to Kolkata and expected to arrive at the border to Bhutan.

Police stated they suspected Prasad to take the human remains from Bhutan to China and added that he is most likely a part of a gang that smuggles skeletons to medical students in China and occultists in the Himalayas Kingdom.

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There were no further details as to how Prasad obtained the skeletons and who supplied them. However, police say grave robbing is nothing new in the country especially in poorer areas.

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Prasad did not cooperate with police during his interrogation but police are hacking his cell phone to navigate through his contacts. Along with discovering the skeletal remains, police also found Nepalese currency, identity and sim cards with Nepalese contacts.

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