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Man Arrested For Stalking His Girlfriend And Calling Her Phone 150 Times

Metropolitan Nashville Police Department


Man Arrested For Stalking His Girlfriend And Calling Her Phone 150 Times

A Tennessee man was arrested for stalking his ex-girlfriend after he called her phone 150 times months after their breakup.

According to the Daily Mail, Derrius Deshotel,13, was arrested on Sept.19 after he relentlessly stalked his ex-girlfriend over the course of three months. The victim told police that Deshotel began to contact her after their breakup in June and allegedly sent his unidentified ex-girlfriend 50 emails, called 157 times, and created 22 different Instagram and Twitter accounts. Despite her pleas to end the harassment, Deshotel continued to stalk the young woman. He also drove through her neighborhood and showed up to her home on August 19, but refused to leave.

He stood outside of the woman’s home for an hour and was escorted from her home by authorities. Shortly after she filed an order of protection, Deshotel sent an email stating that the victim “made the situation worse.”

‘You thought that was gone to solve everything? LMAOOOOO. You ain’t do s*** but make it worse. LMAO. Once it’s up it’s stuck and you just started a war.’

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Nashville authorities issued a warrant for Deshotel’s arrested but his location was not determined at the time. The young man started his stalking behavior again on September 13 after calling the victim 100 times and left a series of voicemails. He went to her home again on September 19 and the victim fled to a local gas station. Deshotel followed the victim and blocked her vehicle at a gas pump area so she could not leave.

Authorities were contacted and Deshotel explained that he wanted to talk to his ex about his outstanding warrants. When the woman tried to escape him again, Deshotel blocked her at the interstate. She called 911 when she was able to pull up to another gas station and Deshotel was arrested. Police charged him with two felony counts of harassment, reckless endangerment, and one count of stalking.

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He was released on a $15,000 bond and ordered to take a mandated 12-hour domestic violence hold.

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