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Man Arrested For Torturing Dog And Using It As “Soccer Ball” 

Santa Ana Police Department


Man Arrested For Torturing Dog And Using It As “Soccer Ball” 

Police say a California man tortured a Chihuahua by binding it with electrical wire and using it as a “soccer ball”.

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A concerned witness called the cops to report a man that used wires to tie a missing dog named Max and continuously kicked him on Sunday, cops said. Officers arrived at the scene to find Jose Manuel Pantoja standing over the dog. Max had a bungee cord wrapped around his throat and chest and a multi-colored electrical wire around his legs. Police said the 28-year-old was immediately taken into custody.

The battered pup was taken to Orange County Emergency Pet Clinic with “multiple visible injuries.” Authorities learned the next day that Max, 13, escaped from a family’s yard after the gate was left open. He had been with that family since he was a small pooch. Max was able to reunite with them on Tuesday morning.

“I didn’t think I would see him again, but here he is,” his owner, Stephany Chavez, told KTLA. “I’m just glad he’s OK and he’s not any worse than this.”

“To think that someone would do that, it’s just very upsetting, it’s not right,” she said. “He’s an animal, he can’t do anything to you, especially a small one like this.”

A Santa Ana police sergeant and the pet clinic vowed to support the family as the sergeant said he’d pay for some of their pet license fees while the clinic offered to help cover Max’s hospital bills.

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