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Man Attacks His Attorney After He’s Sentenced To 47 Years In Prison


Man Attacks His Attorney After He’s Sentenced To 47 Years In Prison

An Ohio man attacked his attorney after he was sentenced to 47 years in prison.

According to the New York Post, David Chislton, 42, attacked his defense lawyer, Aaron Brockler, after Common Pleas Court Judge Nancy Margaret Russo sentenced him to serve 47 years for pistol-whipping his girlfriend and setting his apartment on fire in 2017. The attack was captured on courtroom surveillance cameras at the Cuyahoga County courthouse. The footage also shows witnesses cheering on Chislton as he’s being held back from doing further damage.

Attorney Michael Goldberg said that the courtroom’s atmosphere intensified during Chislton’s sentencing:

“The judge had given him a long sentence and for a moment, he tried to object to the sentence and then he basically just wheeled around and punched his defense lawyer — who was standing to his left — with both hands.”

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Chislton was shackled during the attack and he utilized both his hands and handcuffs to injure Brockler. Deputies immediately restrained the inmate and Brockler was left with a fractured nose, a concussion, and minor injuries to his face. He also bit Brockler’s leg during the beatdown.

He could face more time in prison for attacking the defense attorney.

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Brockler says the courthouse should use more caution before shackling inmates.

“I’m lucky that he didn’t get his hands around me and choke me out with the cuffs, or you know, he could’ve got to the judge.It’s not a good situation to be cuffed in the front, in my opinion.”

Watch the shocking clip below and let us know your thoughts.


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