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Man Attacks Jogger With A Sword During Argument About A Wheelbarrow

Broward County Sheriff's Office


Man Attacks Jogger With A Sword During Argument About A Wheelbarrow

A Florida man attacked a jogger with an unsheathed sword after accusing him of stealing his wheelbarrow.

According to Fox News, Todd Beavers was running in Oakland Park last month when he approached a pile of trash on the side of the street. The Broward County Sheriff’s Office said in a report that Beavers saw a black wheelbarrow next to the trash and decided to take it home. Suddenly, a man confronted the jogger and claimed the trash along with the wheelbarrow but Beavers ran home with the heavy-duty item.

Surveillance footage shows the man removing a sword from a red sheath after he followed Beavers to his home and started attacking him. Luckily, he was not injured in the fight.

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Beavers said in a statement that he was surprised that the man tried to kill him over a pile of trash and a wheelbarrow.

“When he pulled out the sword, I thought, ‘What am I doing?’ I thought, ‘Is he really going to do this?'”

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He left the wheelbarrow in front his yard and minutes later a woman who knew the sword-wielding man grabbed it while yelling at Beavers. Police are currently investigating the incident.

Press play to watch the video below.


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