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Man Caught Vaping In Airline Bathroom Banned For Life

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Man Caught Vaping In Airline Bathroom Banned For Life

A Florida man is banned from Spirit Airlines for life after he was caught vaping inside of an aircraft bathroom.

CNN reports the passenger was spotted by a flight attendant on Flight NK 985 from Detroit to New Orleans when he took a drag from an e-cigarette and blew smoke into a paper bag. The passenger got up from his seat and started vaping inside of an aircraft bathroom, causing the smoke alarm to go off.

The 30-year-old man was met by a deputy upon arrival at the Louis Armstrong International Airport and denied he was smoking in the bathroom. He also said he did not know that smoking was prohibited in airplane bathrooms.

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Although he wasn’t arrested for a federal crime, the St.Petersburg resident was banned for life from Spirit Airlines. Jefferson Parish Sheriff’s spokesperson Capt. Jason Rivarde said in a statement that since the company is private, they are allowed to ban customers:

“It’s a private business that can ban customers at their own leisure. It’s like telling you not to come back to the restaurant. Once he was on the ground, he was cooperative with our deputies so he didn’t face any criminal charges.”

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The man was also caught drinking small bottles of alcohol on the flight.

Press play to see some more crazy stuff that has happened during airline flights.


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